Notes from the First Part

Just finished the first part of the course: before you pack: big-pictures considerations. Here are some take-aways from that:

1. Being a thinking photographer: observe before shooting;

2. We should think about that why we take pictures;

3. As a amateur photographer, trips always come first;

4. Every possession is a burden

5. One of the differences between an amateur photographer and a professional one is that the former one do what they feel happy about and the latter one do things for making a living. What’s more, a professional photographer does a lot researches and is under pressures. Don’t be jealous to the professional photographers.

New Progresses

In today’s class: three axes of this series. I learnt that: “And say alright, tell me what I need to know about shooting in Hong Kong. So we’re going to learn how to do that. And we’re actually going to go through that process. So that’s where we’re going. We’re working on three axis. We have the mental. We have the metaphorical. And we have the physical. And everything that we do are going to revolve around all three of those axes. So, I hope as you’re looking at the things that we’re learning you’ll think about them from each of those three different directions. And hopefully it’ll start to come together or some way through the process.”

What’s more, I knew a new friend named Mengwen Cao who is a photographer. These are her websites:, I am looking forward to more conversations between us about photography.

Online Resources about Photography Survey

Currently there are 51 courses about photography in So far there are 509 photography courses in including 4 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and appropriate for all. They are not free.

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There is no course teaching photography skills in coursera. There is no course teaching photography skills in edX.

Relatively, is a more skill-based online learning website compared to MOOCs.

First Day

Today is my first day to start my online learning Participant Observer Experience. My plan is to study photography online. This is my last semester for my graduate school. I would like to do a photography project. That is, take pictures for my life at Austin. If possible, I want to publish a book with my photography works and writings. I am going to seek for online courses in Lynda. com or from MOOCs. What’s more, I am going to have a photography plan for the project. I have a lot to say with my photos and words.