My New Friend

Today I met with my new friend Mengwen. We came to an agreement that both of us would like to cooperate to take pictures about our life in Austin. We hope that we can publish a photography book in the future. In the next one month, we plan to use cameras to record our life. We have our plan.

Mengwen is an excellent photographer. Here is her website:

What’s more, she recommended some good websites:,

The End of the Course

Today I just finished the course: The Traveling Photographer: Fundamentals. I like this course very much. The transcripts are excellent for me, a non-native English speaker. The instructor not only shows the skills but also gives us examples: his photos. Now I feel more confident for my next steps: take more photography courses online, continue my online learning in photography, publish my photography book and be an amateur photographer.

The Camera is a Visa

I like the idea of the David Hobby that the camera is like a visa. When he holds the camera, he is easier to access to people. The camera lets him to meet more people. Sometimes people feel weird for a photographer but most of times people are willing to be taken pictures by a photographer. Inspired by this course, I want to be a amateur photographer.

Thinking to Write a Photography Book

I am thinking to build a photography book talking about my life in Austin as a student in the University of Texas at Austin. Actually I am keeping taking pictures in my daily life. Austin is not a well-known in China as San Francisco, New York or Boston. However, I think this place is worth being introduced to people in my country. I feel that my life here as an international student studying educational policy and planning is unique. So I am thinking to write a photography book. I just found a course taught by David Hobby named David Hobby’s Business ecosystem telling us how to connect photography with business. This is good for my plan to publish a photography book.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.32.45 PM

Pro Tips from the Instructor

“Pro Tip” is a part in this course. I like it. Here are the pro tips the instructor of this course told us as a professional traveling photographer.

Pro Tip 1: Every Possession is a burden

Pro Tip 2: Lenses in and be aware

Pro Tip 3: Pray for bad weather

Pro Tip 4: Drop Everything for amazing light

Pro Tip 5: Restrictions lead to creativity

Pro Tip 6: The best way to meet people

Pro Tip 7: Be a chameleon

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.21.53 PM